The Inspiration Behind What We Do.

The Jake Maxfield Connection is a non-profit foundation founded in 2009 shortly after Jake Maxfield died tragically at the age of 21. The mission of the foundation is to provide scholarships, literacy support for young learners, and to promote community service.

     The JMC was started by the Maxfield Family after their friends, family and community came together in support after Jake's passing.  The example of community support and love for Jake inspired the Maxfields to begin a foundation that would continue the spirit of "passing it on-paying it forward-and making a connection."

     The Jake Maxfield Connection Foundation, Inc. is operated by a voluntary board of directors, co-chaired by Fred and Mary Maxfield, the parents of Jake, and Vice Chair, Ethan Maxfield, Jake's brother.

     The foundation is currently sustained by private donations, the annual Golf Shootout, 5K and other sports related events.