Legs For Literacy

September 15 - 16, 2017

This year,  all funds raised will be donated to the Moore Elementary School in the Houston TX area! We will be restocking classroom libraries who have lost all books. Please support us in our efforts to help them!

The Jake Maxfield Connection is ready to run . . . .  200 miles that is! Our rockstar, 12 person team runs from Bretton Woods to Hampton Beach in hopes of spreading literacy awareness.  Each relay team member runs 3 legs of varying lengths and difficulty, and will cover an average total distance of about 16.6 miles! We truly believe Literacy is for ALL and we will do what it takes to help children access the books and educational resources they need to learn.

Please help us reach our goal to provide literacy for all by sponsoring our 200 mile run to raise awareness, build schools, provide tutoring and resources to children. Every little bit helps!